Site-to-Site VPN Sites Accessible Via "Road Warrior VPN"

  • Hey all, I have what I would think is a common situation but can't seem to find the solution. I currently have two sites with static public IP addresses connected via an openVPN Site-Site Tunnel. That portion is working without issue, systems on site1 can access site2 and site2 to site1 without a problem and the Roadwarrior clients can access Site1 ( but not Site2 ( What I need to do now is create a "Road Warrior VPN" that can remote in from anywhere and have access to both Site1 and Site2 systems via the VPN. I'm assuming this is done with a custom "Push Route" option in the VPN configuration but I've tried that and it didn't work. Here is some info on my networks:

    "Road Warrior Clients"
    IP Pool:
      Site 1   –--------------------------------------------- **  Site2**
    LAN Subnet:                                          LAN Subnet:
    Site-Site IP Pool:
    Road Warrior IP Pool:

    Site 1 acts as the VPN Server for both the Site-Site and Road warrior configuration and like I said everything works accept for the Road Warrior VPN clients having access to the network.. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any help!

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