Migration of LAN IP makes webUI unreachable?

  • Hey there,

    I'm just experiencing some sort of a odd behavior with my (half-way configured) pfSense appliance. I just switched the LAN-interface over to another network, re-configured the LAN-interface with its new IP address (from 192.168…/24 to a 87.../26 address), reset the webUI to use HTTP:80 again and rebooted pfSense. The system itself actually works, I can ping it and I can even reach it by SSH. Only the webUI stopped working for some reason. I grepped the whole filesystem for the old IP-address I've been using, since I thought that maybe there was some configuration issue - but I couldn't find anything.

    Now, I just switched it back to its 192.168./24 network but I can't get the webUI working anymore. Again, I can ping it, I can connect via SSH to it, but 80/443 stays quiet.

    Any ideas? :)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Just change the LAN ip via ssh menu and after that restart the web configurator using the same menu (11)…

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