• Hello.
    I've got some kind of problem with WLAN interface, wireless network is avalible, computer is able to connect. DHCP server asign address but connection with internet is impossible. The same with captive portal. that doesn't show the page where i suposed to loggin. And with LAN everything works fine. I have ATHEROS based card. If someone know something about that problem i'll be pleased to answer. Thanks.

  • You need to add a rule to permit traffic from that subnet at that interface. There are no rules at opt-interfaces by default which means everything is blocked.

  • But i have rule in firewall. Can You tell me what options must i make ?

  • Show me the rules that you have at the wlan interface. The clients are using the pfSense wlan IP as dns, right?

  • I've done it. Now everything works fine.

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