WLAN clients can't see each other in RC3

  • I have use pfsense since RC1 and now I updated to RC3a. I uploaded the RC2 settings. Now the wireless clients can't see each other. Internet is working, Lan->WLAN and WLAN->LAN is working, but WLAN->WLAN do not work.

  • In my case nothing is working. I tried ping, windows remote desktop, file sharing (but I can see the computer in the workgroup)….
    After I reset the settings to default it is working!!!!

    If I upload the Traffic Shaping settings than the WLAN clients won't see each other. I uploaded the other setting and it working good. (I have to reconfig the Traffic Shaper, arh!)
    I have the problem. I made a WLAN Traffic Shaping rule (WLAN<->WAN High priority). If I delete this rule than the client can communicate each other!!!!!!!!!!!! (Moreover this rule do not work)

    And I found another bug in RC3: If I delete a rule in the Traffic Shaper than the Apply Changes button won't appear.

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