MRTG problem on WAN

  • Hi everybody. I'm trying to use MRTG and pfsense but I have problems.
    My pfsence has three NICs:
    a NIC for WAN
    a NIC for DMZ
    a NIC for VLANs
    When my win-pc sits on DMZ, I'm able to monitor DMZ-traffic.
    When my win-pc sits on VLAN, I'm able to monitor VLAN-traffic.
    When my win-pc sits on WAN, I'm able to monitor WAN-traffic.

    But when I try to configure MRTG, from my win-pc sitting on DMZ, in order to monitor WAN-traffic I get the following error:

    SNMP Error:
    no response received
    SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "wan" [xx.xx.xx.xx].161)
                      community: "public"
                    request ID: -1276485481
                    PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
                        timeout: 2s
                        retries: 5
                        backoff: 1)
    at C:/mrtg-2.16.3/bin..\lib\mrtg2/ line 629
    SNMPWALK Problem for on public@wan::::::v4only
    at cfgmaker line 956
    WARNING: Skipping public@wan: as no info could be retrieved

    what seems to be the problem? Please help.

  • I am guessing this is the general case where you can't access a pfsense port on the WAN from inside the LAN (or DMZ in this case.)

  • So, it's just a rule problem or it is not supported by pfsense?

  • As danswartz mentioned, this is probably just a rule problem.  Show us some screenshots from your DMZ firewall rules…

  • I have a DMZ-rule that allows any from my pc to wan interface (dmz.JPG). is my pc IP is my WAN interface IP

    There is also a WAN rule (wan.JPG) which is unnecessary in my opinion, but added just in case.

    There are no blocked packets on "firewall system logs".

  • I drew a picture of your configuration and noticed your DMZ PC ( appears to live on the same subnet as your WAN IP (  Is this correct?  Or, have you applied different masks to your networks?  Look at the attached jpg and tell me if this is right/wrong.

  • 27-bit masks to both wan and dmz (different nets).

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