5.8 bridge using pfsense? Is it possible?

  • i hope this is not a stupid question. is it possible to use pfsense as a ptp 802.11a (5.8) bridge? if so how can i do it, and what cards do you recommend? the reason for that is that i use tsunamis for my backhaul and sort distance (2km) links. as you might, know they are somewhat expensive. and it seems that pfsense can do just that.

  • atm you only can bridge an interface in AP mode to another one and as two APs can'T talk to each other you won't be able to build a bridge with pfsense. If you set this up as routing it will work nicely (having one end as AP, the other joining as infrastructure client). You should get some atherosbased cards. I'm using mainly CM9s here.

  • thanks for the reply hoba!

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