L7-filter kind app

  • Does Traffic Shaper works alike linux L7-filter?? l7 works that identifying packets based on application layer data, so, p2p programs may change their ports that even so l7 know that it's packages are p2p ones…

    thanks a lot


  • No, it currently does not do layer 7.

  • ok, but what kind of program/method is used to traffic shapping in pfsense?



  • pfsense currently provides layer 4 shaping abilities. Layer-7 is a lot more powerful but does also have a lot of overhead. The overhead in Layer-7 shaping is why there is a split, layer-7 is better you get a performance loss vs layer-4.

    IMO, i'd love to see layer-7 shaping;)

  • I know just a bit about layer-7 shaping abilities, and for know pfsense layer-4 scheme is working for me; but I'm sure that layer-7 in pfsense would bring the firewall into a new land where the most modern p2p programs change their ports to scape trafic shaping or the most commons firewalls that block well known p2p ports…

    But as I said, pfSense scheme is doing the job for me now, it saves more than 30% of my bandwitch that are being used by p2p programs in users boxes... it's amazing!

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