I need Help For This Setup

  • Hi. I need help for my this kind of setup. Actually I am newb for this kind of setup. So i dont know what and how i do this.

    I have an internet cafe with 20 workstation. and currently i am using pfsense box(squid with transparent prosy) as a my main router. I have read all the document about vpn. But i am little bit confuse.

    I want a setup like this.

    Pfsense + vpn/vlan.

    here i am little bit confuse that what should i use VPN or VLAN.

    Because main aim is to hide my public(Wan) ip from my lan and from out side . I dont want people know my wan ip from my lan and outside from lan.

    please help me how can i do this. if it is possible then what and how i can configure this. please i am very very thankful and glad that i am using pfsense. and i dont want to lose its real benefit. I will wait for help. And take care and god bless all…..

  • Not sure how you can do that becuase anyone that has internet access will be able to find your external IP. What security concerns do you have with customers finding your WAN ip?

    There is a way to force traffic though a VPN but your internet preformance will take a hit.

  • so it means its quit impossible to hide my IP. the reason is to hide because many people here do many odd stuff. something like when they get ip they start to flooding and it makes my connection down. which i don't want. and also i don't want to lose my speed. you know its an internet cafe. I thought if i use VPN or Vlan then i can hide my wan ip. But i was wrong when i read your message. but i hope there will be a way i can do this as well i can keep my speed. By the way my connection speed is 24 MBPS.

    About security. I am just using Pfsense Box with default security setup with squid(transparent). thats all.

    but thank you very much for your kindly reply. God bless and take care….

  • Yes there is a way to force every thing through a VPN.

    Check out post: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,23183.0/topicseen.html

    You create a seperate VPN client and setup forwarding with something like ICS. Then have all the clients use the ICS connection as the default gateway. You can put them on a VLAN or seperate network to enforce network traffic.

    To bad pfsense cannot be a pptp client because there are many free services that offer free pptp vpn like itshidden.com

  • God bless and take care
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