Multiple Networks Captive Portal?

  • On of my clients wants to gain control of employee Internet access and asked me for a solution. I want to implement pfSense and use the Captive Portal to provide the access control but I'm not sure if I can do this with a single pfSense box.

    The client has multiple sites connecting to a co-location facility where all of the servers live and where the pipe to the Internet also lives. The sites are connected via Point-to-Point circuits with routers at both ends of the circuits and the DHCP scope for each site is handled by the router at each site. The pfSense box will be installed in the rack at the colo, replacing the existing firewall/router.

    My question is whether this will work with the existing DHCP or will I need to use the pfSense box to provide DHCP and set up the routers at each site to do relay?


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