Captive portal function request

  • For the moment if u set up an expiration date in Services>Captive portal>Users at the date when the account expires PfSense it will delete the account automatically.
    Lets say for some reason we want that  just to disable the users and not delete them and so we have the users credentials for future use. The second request: Lets assume that we have dhcp server and clients get Ips based on their nics mac
    The cp need to check if the client X with the IP Y has the MAC Z exactly like the one described in dhcp server and only after that it will post the login page and if else redirect to some error page.

    so the final request is :

    1.CP checks first if the user has the ip and mac assigned in dhcp …..if true post login page else redirect to error page!
    2.Login page checks the user if is active or disabled......if true redirect to her page else to error page!

    P.S. i have already started by myself the implementation but i`m stuck in getting visitor mac address via cp login page

  • This section is for people willing to pay for someone to implement their feature requests.  If you are not willing to offer money, then this request should go elsewhere.

  • yes i know but i`m waiting for someone able to do that and of course the price for how much it will do it

  • You are far more likely to get response from your bounty if you post a dollar amount you are willing to pay.  IF you are unsure of how much this project might cost, I would encourage you to consult with the folks at BSDPerimeter who may be able to help you with an estimate.  This depends on how serious you are about getting this particular work done.

  • never mind (bounty closed)…..i`ve almost done it myself and as soon as it will 100% completed i will post the solution here.

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