Problem with access between 2 bridged lans

  • I have PFsense 1.2.3-release embedded on an alix with 3 NIC and 1 wireless card.

    1 nic is WAN, onter is LAN, 3th is not used at the moment.
    WAN is via DHCP connected to cable modem.
    WLAN interface is bridges with LAN.

    Now, the is a problem when using the WLAN interface to connect to LAN computers.
    from WLAN to LAN, I can ping, use network shares, etc.
    But when I want to connect from WLAN to an MySQL database thats on my LAN, I can't get any connection directly to MySQL, but I can use the web interface on that same IP.
    There are some more services that do not work, others work, very strange to me.

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