Allnet 0271

  • Hello,

    I'd like to ask, if an Allnet 0271 WLAN card (prism chipset) can work together
    with Pfsense, and if yes, how.

  • Prism should work afaik. Just assign the interface like any other interface. It will show additional settings for the wireless options if you visit the interfaces settings.

  • That's the problem, IFCONFIG shows no other interface I could assign to OPT1.
    It seems, that the card isn't found and configured for use. Unfortunately I am
    quite a Linux noob, so I can't figure this one out by myself. How can I find out
    or make sure, that the card is assignable ? The web interface shows no option
    to do that.

  • If you don't have the card assignable at interfaces>assign (a plusicon will show up there) it's not recognized. Check your bios. If it has an option for PnP-OS disable it to make sure the card will be configured by the bios.

    btw pfSense is not linux.

  • If it's prism 2 based and you find the correct firmware to make it operate in AP mode, then it should be found by freebsd. If it's PrismGT or somthing along those lines then it will not work. In general old prism cards/prism cards in general are not recommended. Try to get your hands on something Atheros based.

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