Can't get wireless to LAN

  • I am having a problem getting my wireless to access my LAN.  I have tried creating a rules on the Wireless side where the wireless subnet has full access to the LAN subnet.

    I have 5 interfaces, however i only have 4 active right now.  WAN, LAN, DMZ, OPT1 (wireless), and WAN2.  Right now OPT1 can access the DMZ and WAN, but now LAN.  I have created a rule to allow full access from OPT1.

    I have read through the forums and tried all sorts of different rule setups.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • Have you done a state reset (Web GUI: Diagnostics -> States, click on the Reset States tab then the Reset button) or a reboot after modifying the firewall rules?

  • I have not, I will try that when I get home.

  • a restart seemed to do it.  I guess i assumed that was not required.  Thanks for the tip.  I was trying your other suggestion but it was taking a while and not finishing.

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