Can users change their own password?

  • I have search in this forum and found some thread said there still no solution for this, But may I ask again  ;D Is there a way users can change their own portal password which created by Local User Manangement?

    I found that all user's password store in the config.xml as MD5 hash and IF I have to write some code to provide a web interface for user to change these value, what should I looking for?

    And If I not use Local User Management and use FreeRADIUS instead, is there the way?

    Thank you  :D

  • All right, I'll answer my self  :-\ If I can setup the FreeRADIUS server with mysql database, I can write the php code which allow user to change their own password there. I've done this couples years ago while I use NoCat Authen on transparent Squid proxy and FreeRADIUS with Dialup Admin GUI. Thanks.

  • Hi, I am also looking for script so that once my user login, they able to change their captive portal password. By the way I am using FreeRadius. Please assist. Thank you

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