Can only ping and see some clients?

  • just curious if this road warrior openVPN config is stable. I got it loaded on my laptop and connected back to the server at the office.
    The thing is only 2 out of 10 of the private IPs show up when I connect the VPN.
    I tried to read some of the other posts but nothing was really explained.

    I did a scan on the local network direct and can see all hosts.IP:

    Then connect from VPN client in and scanned and only see the pfsense Lan IP and 1 other IP of a netgear switch.

    I read to approve IPs in captive portal and to put a "pull" comment in on the config? I did this.

    Any ideas? thanx

  • Can you please describe your setup, what you're trying to achieve, how you test, what works and what doesn't working.
    After reading your post i'm more confused than anything.

    But generally: yes, OpenVPN roadwarrior is stable.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The Road Warrior config should be fine. If you can talk to anything at all on the LAN, it should all work – unless those stations which you cannot reach have something such as:

    1. Local client firewalls on LAN systems which block ping or other services from outside your local subnet
    2. Incorrect/different gateway set on the LAN system.
    3. Some other routing or overlapping subnet issue on the OpenVPN client side.

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