Can't log in WEB configurator!

  • I have already installed pfsense 1.0 RC3 but can not log in WEB Configurator with default username ("admin") - password ("pfsense").
    There's something wrong with default usernam and password. Help me, pls!

  • There is nothing wrong with the default credentials. They just work fine. I guess you have some kind of connectivity problem. Did you assign interfaces correctly on first bootup? Does the link between the pfSense and the client go up? Does your Client get a DHCP assigned adress from the pfSense? In case you connected your client directly to the pfsense with no switch in between you need a crossovercable.

  • on web its
    username admin
    password pfsense
    on ssh like putty its  server ipadress port 22
    username root
    password pfsense

  • tks! I will try again!

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