Proxy arp on lan port. Bounty {250}

  • here is how I need this to work

    1.) If a device connects to my network with an ip hard coded on there nic that is not part of my subnet I need pfsense to be able to respond to the arp request with its mac and then build a mac or ip forward rule to pass traffic the device. Also need it to clean out the rule when it is no longer in use.

    2.) If a device joins with a proxy set in the web browser pfsense needs to be able to act as the proxy for that device.

  • That's definitely doable, but you're asking for somewhere around 100 hours of work for less than what a developer with that skill set gets paid in a day.

    If your budget increases to around $5000 USD, we'd be glad to do that for you. Contact me via email, cmb at pfsense dot org, if that's feasible.

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