OpenVPN Question

  • Hello, I have been able to install my OpenVPN server succesfully. I try it and my clients can connect without problems.
    But now I have a pair of questions, that I need someone answer me.

    I see that my clients dont get a IP from Local Network Pool. But If I would like to connect to these clients from my LAN, by remote desktop or ssh or putty, how could I do it if they dont have LAN IP address?

    How can I assign always the same IP to my clients by their MAC addresses?

    I hope someone helps me.

  • I suggest you take another look at the OpenVPN config-page ;)

    Your OpenVPN clients get an IP out of the pool you defined in the "Address pool" field on the OpenVPN config page.
    It's not possible to assign an IP based on the MAC because the OpenVPN interfaces are virtual and not real.

    If you want to use static IP's you can use the option "Use static IPs".

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