Server cannot get through OPT1 interface… firewall blocking?

  • Played with this off and on and haven't been able to figure it out.  When I upgraded to the latest version of PFSense a while back, I started with a clean slate.  Was working fine before.

    Now I can't get my server, connected to the OPT1 interface directly via a crossover cable to access ANYTHING, let alone ping the OPT1 interface.

    I have a rule on the OPT1 interface's firewall that looks like:

    Proto  Source  	 Port   Destination Port   Gateway
    *  	 OPT1 net  	 *  	 ! LAN net  	 *  	 * 

    As far as I understand, this grants the any machines on the OPT1 subnet the ability to access anything but the LAN subnet.

    When I check the firewall logs after trying to ping the OPT1 interface ( I can see that it is blocking all attempts from the server, as well as DNS requests.

    Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious here… I'd really appreciate any help.



  • Anyone?  I just don't see how it would be blocking traffic when there is a rule there allowing it… and that rule looks almost exactly the same as the one on the LAN interface with the exception of not being able to access a certain subnet (in this case, the LAN subnet).

  • Have you tried removing this rule and creating one that allows all traffic to see if it works?  When I struggled with pfSense firewall rules, I usually found that when I started over and made more robust rules, I could track where my problems were.

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