Enable WAN from pfSense shell

  • My first post here, so please take it easy :)

    I'm trying to install pfsense on a dedicated but remotely sitting IBM x335. I've gone as far as installing pfsense on the HDD using the LiveCD, using a remote KVM. Now, what I want to do is to access the Web GUI from outside / WAN interface. Question is that since I only have access to the system's console, how do I enable the WAN interface and enable HTTP (and even SSHD) on it?

    I've read the docs and tried the following without much luck:

    pfSense shell: print_r($config);
    pfSense shell: print_r($config['interfaces']);
    pfSense shell: $config['interfaces']['wan']['disabled'] = false;
    pfSense shell: $config['interfaces']['wan']['ipaddr'] = "";
    pfSense shell: $config['interfaces']['wan']['subnet'] = "24";
    pfSense shell: write_config();
    pfSense shell: system_reboot_sync();

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