Access to host in KVM virtualized environment

  • I've got pfSense running as a virtual machine under Ubuntu/KVM.  Everything is working fine with the exception of accessing an instance of Lighttpd that is running on the host computer.  The NAT Forwarding rule triggers, however, there is no evidence that the web server sees the request.  There is nothing in the web server logs and I can't see any return traffic on any network segment.  I've associated the web server with different virtual networks on the machine to no avail.  FYI, I have verified that the port forwarding rules work as I can access a web server running on a separate machine on the LAN.

    I'd really like to collapse several systems into a single computer with pfSense providing firewall/vpn services.  Everything worked great when I had all of my systems in VMs, however, I have to support a PCI telephony card in one of the systems.  To accommodate that I had to move it to the host and that is when the trouble began.

    I'm beginning to think that while it seemed like it should work it really won't.

    My forehead is bloodied.  Any help or guidance would be appreciated.



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