FTP Rule Max Connections Per xx Seconds

  • I'm trying to figure in which rule to set the max connectiosn per xx seconds for FTP. Or if this is even possible as pftpx intercepts the connections. My goal is to stop hackers from having a field day with my server. Passwords are secure and users are chrooted to their home directory but its annonying as it fills the logs. With SSH I set it to 3 connections per 240 seconds which works great as after it is blocked the hacker stops thinking he has been banned.

    I would try to do something on the server itself but since pftpx intercepts the connections they all appear as if they come from the pfsense box.

  • I think you should be able to trigger that by adding advanced options to the ftp forward at wan to (the rule the helper created automatically for you when creating the portforward).

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