Limit Total Number fo Connections from Lan

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    I'm running the networking hardware for a Lan party in a month and am planning on using pfsense for routing.  The network I'll be using for the network connection has a 2500 new connection per second per host. his means that if someone crosses this connection boundary it blocks everyone behind the router from creating new network connections.  I am trying to limit the total number of connections per second for the entire network using pfsense.

    I found the option for firewall rules concern connections per second and it seems to work (I think I passed the limit and it's currently blocking my test machine).  My question is where is the list of hosts that hit this limit stored and how do I either shorten the punishment period or manually remove the entries?

    Or I'm doing this in a less than optimal method and would appreciate some direction.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I'm using version 1.2.3

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