Pfsense blocking VPN access?

  • I have recently installed a pfsense router. I can no longer connect to my work's VPN. Whats odd, is when I do a traceroute from the router to the VPN, it resolves correctly. When attempting to do the same on a system on the network, it times out at the next to last hop to the destination.

    Firewall logs don't show any thing of note to the issue.

    Any ideas on why this is?

  • What kind of VPN?

  • They are all Cisco VPN units I am trying to connect to.

  • That's the brand, what technology?  That I know of Cisco have IPsec, PPTP and SSL products.

  • Hmmmmmm.  This sounds familiar.


  • Thanks for that Eddie. It does sound familiar.

    Was there ever a result to that issue?

    I did confirm, we are using Cisco Client  under ipsec to a cisco VPN on the server side.

    Does going back to 1.2.2 work?

    Thanks! :)

  • @Mif:

    Was there ever a result to that issue?

    Yes, my wife's company changed their VPN Client software, while I was still trying to resolve it.  ;D

    You can check if it's the same issue, by running a packet trace.  As I mentioned, mine broke when the Client sent out a UDP packet bigger than the MTU size, of 1500, which resulted in a fragmented packet.  The server never responded to that packet.

    There was also, on the same thread, a report that the em driver was possibly corrupting fragmented UDP packets.  I was at the point, where my next trace, was to be with a different NIC, and hence different driver, to see if that conjecture was correct.  But alas, the VPN Client was changed before I could do that.


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