Gateway-Firewall configuration problem!

  • hey ppl… I've just heard about pfSense @Slashdot!
    And that was great news for me, coz I need to reinstall my gateway (server) ASAP.
    Until now, on server that serves as a part of LAN, and acts like a gateway for internet, I had instaled some old version of Vector Linux, with Shorewall using as a gateway for net.
    So basiclly, we have server connected through PPPOE connection to the Internet.

    OK... Here goes my question:
    Can I use pfSense for this? (for sharing my connection between few Comps on the LAN?

    Reason I'm asking this is that when I boot pfSense, and trying to configure interfaces, it says that there must be presend AT LEAST 2 INTERFACES!!!!, and I have only one!

    Another problem is RAM. How big problem is that my Server (IBM Server 330) has only 64mb of ram ???

    PS I know it's a newbie question, and sorry for that... but I really need help for this :)


  • As it is a firewall you absolutely need 2 interfaces, one goes into your pppoe modem, the other one into your lan switch.

    When running on 64 MB you will  encounter problems sooner or later (depending which features you are using). You at least need 128 MB.

  • hm.. so… if I'm connecting to PPPOE through concetrator on the same network, should that PPPOE connection be my 2nd interface?
    And how to make PPPOE connection?

  • The WAN interface settingsscreen in the webgui has support for PPPoE, Static, DHCP and PPTP. Just assign 2 interfaces, connect the modem to the assigned WAN Interface and set it to PPPoE with correct login information.

  • I'll try… but I'm confused with you saying modem all the time :(
    I'm connection to WAN (PPPOE) through PPPOE Concentrator, witch is on my LAN.
    So... physicly, i don't have modem....

    HUGE THANX for help so far....


  • normal PPPOE is used between the waninterface and a utp adsl modem

    for wat you want you need a lan interface and a wan interface
    and enable pppoe on the wan interface
    you can't do this with only 1 network card

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