Web application is slow after installing pfsense

  • Hi Friends,

    Our web application is working properly in normal system i.e with other firewalls.
    But accessing our application via pfsense firewall it is running very slow. we using port 8080.
    how i can solve this problem?.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Are you using squid as proxy?

    What application server do you use to hosting it? Ex: Tomcat, Glassfish, Jboss.

    If you´re applications are dynamics that using jsp pages and webservers like this and you´re uses proxy on network, post it.

    I had a same issue but I use proxy on network, to resolve i input the ip addresses on squid.inc in $rdr rules to bypass them when users access it.


    Heitor Lessa
    Blog -> http://tinodiaadia.wordpress.com

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