Different firewall rules for different users in Captive Portal

  • Hi.
    Is it possible to setup different firewall rules for different users which logs in the Captive Portal?
    For example, allow guest users only route to Internet and let internal users to route in the LAN.
    The captive portal is activated on the WLAN network which is not bridged with the LAN network.

    Thank you very much!

  • If I not misunderstood, the firewall rule will be apply to any traffic after they pass the Captive Portal (including MAC/IP pass-through) I've not search for any official document about this but from my configuration, how I solve some issue, I assume CP block all port for unauthenticated traffic. After that the firewall rules applied.

    Edit. I think I'm just get your point :-X You want to apply different rules based on "user" or just for "Guest"…I don't think I have that solution right now, but I'm planning to do so but with separate network segment for Guest only.

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