How does my server now connect to the network?

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm really confused.  My Windows Server 2003 box has 2 network cards on it.  I installed VMWare Server and installed pfSense onto that.  I bridged each of my physical network adapters to a VMWare virtual adapter.  I got it all set up and working, so now my one physical adapter local area network 1 has my DSL modem connected to it, and in pfSense it's set up with my DSL static IP.  Local area network 2 is bridged to the second vmware adapter and is my LAN in pfsense.  All is working, my LAN is as it was before.

    Here's my problem, my Windows Server main nick used to plug into my router and always had IP for my CRM server. 
    Now though since it's used for pfSense it connects to my DSL connection, so now windows shows it's IP as automatically assigned by DHCP as  So that's where I'm confused.  How do I set it so that my Windows Server shows up as on the network so that my other users can still connect to it?  Or do I need a 3rd network card basically assigning that one as and plugging that into the switch that would be connected to my LAN1 port?

  • No one has any idea about this?  This must be common I don't get it..

  • You need to ensure that you've configured Windows with on Local area network 2 and removed TCP/IP from Local area network 1.

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