Mail problem

  • Hi all I'm a newbye on pfsense and firewalling in general.
    I hope to be on the rigth section of the forum.
    I have 2 wan 1 lan and i have configured pfsense for load balancing and fail over, I' ve test and seem to work fine.
    My problem is : in the lan subnet (at I have a zimbra mail server.
    I cant send or receive mail with pfsense connected
    This is my lan rules config (posta is an alias for port 25 143 and 110)

    This is my wan rules config

    This is my second wan rules config

    as you see i have totally open the second wan for now
    I must only use the first wan for the mail.
    were I'm wrong ?
    Sorry for bad english

  • Inbound email uses 25/TCP and assumes your ISP doesn't block that port.  You can use the diagnostics at MX Toolbox to check to see if your email server can be reached from the Internet.

    Also, try removing the gateway setting from your rules and re-testing.

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