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  • Hello all!
    I need an advice from an expert !
    Currently I offer an internet wifi access for free to my clients in my bed&breakfast country cottage. For the time being i've plugged a pair of AP with WEP but for some clients it's a pain to configure their hardware.

    My problem is that i live in France and there is a law that says that I am legally responsible for the surf of my clients. The law says that i must keep a log of what my clients are doing on my internet acces. If i fail so i am unlimitedly responsible for all they do. Well this is no big deal as long as they read mails, listen webradios, go facebook and ordinary stuff but i would be in real trouble if they plan terrorist acts, pedophilia or whatever i can't imagine.

    So my question is, can Pfsense be the solution ? If someone can give some guidelines about how to solve my problem.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Sounds like you might benefit from implementing a captive portal and setting up a transparent squid proxy to monitor/log traffic.  You can even get a simple blacklist to block certain sites, nothing extreme, just enough to provide reasonable effort to prevent illicit traffic.

    pfsense will help with all this, just search the documentation about implementing captive portal (will get rid of the need for WEP/WPA) and installing squid (transparent proxy for blocking certain traffic and monitoring)

  • hi!!

    Squid+ squidguard+ ligthsquid+ captive portal should be your solution

  • It took me a while to set it up and fine tuning it.
    Exactly what i needed !
    I've just added a syslog-ng  to keep the logs.

    Thanks again leoalfa09

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