Vmware Server 2.0.2 on Windows server 2008 network binding issues

  • I have 3 nics in the server 2 for pfsense and 1 for connecting to server 2008 i can not get vmware to directly bind to the 2 network cards. i have both on bridged mode and disabled the IP protocol in server 2008 for those two network cards but when i start up vmware it uses the same network card for both virtual nics. i have found that before in vmware server 1 there was a custom setting when selecting the vmnet to bind to in vmware but i am not seeing that in server 2. am i missing some where to select or configure the network card i want for each virtual nic?

    Thanks for any help.

  • Based off my testing I have found that vmware server 2.0 uses the bridged interfaces in order and the extra interface is used for fail-over.  So there is no way to bind a specific vmnet to a specific NIC in vmware server 2.0, and no one else has seen this with server 2.0?

    Thanks for any help

  • I have 2 vmnets bridged to adaptors in my server.
    Use the 'manage virtual networks' application to bridge them, you need to manually set a vmnet to bridge to the adaptor. After entering vmware server web interface you need to refresh network list, then they should be accessible.

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