Wireless help needed for large area coverage.

  • Hello,
    I am in the planning stage of a project for my dad’s ranch. What I am trying to accomplish is a wireless network for specific areas of the ranch. This will allow me to add devices to monitor the areas and report back to a central node. Mainly video and some basic temp/humidity sensing (all ip based).
    What I am envisioning is a central router (alix based pfsense) that has a high gain antenna about 30-40 ft in the air. Then I will put repeater stations (alix based pfsense) that will give me spot coverage.
    I have never set up a network this big, so I am not sure if this is even possible. Or what antenna/nic cards I will need. Here is a diagram of what I am envisioning.

    (Base) –-- (Omni antenna)  ----  (directional antenna) ---- (repeater) -----( omni antenna)

    Any guidance would be appreciated; I would also like to keep this system as economical as possible.

  • i am just wonderin' how big is the ranch? and what are the features of the terrain? and do you only need network that is most of it is wireless and without internet? :)

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    Not really helpful, but I heard a long time ago a story (which was likely a tall tale) about ranchers running ARCnet over their fence wiring.

    Too bad you couldn't use wire fences as a giant antenna :-)

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