Per user bandwidth with freeradius

  • Hi all,

    I'm a fan of PF for nearly 3 years and i like it.
    Unfortunally, I'm waiting for PF support with freeradius bandwidth attributes to support per user bandwidth.
    Therefore, could this be happened?
    PF2.0 has per-user-bandwidth in CP and it's used to cover all user, but not each different bandwidth and user.

    I'm very appreciate to PF team to work very hard to this project. I will donate, if this issue will implemented.

    Or anybody else has done this feature already? could you share your experience?



  • It should work AFAIK.

  • What do mean dude?

  • Anyone please?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    He said it should work. AFAIK means "As far as I know".

    You just need to have your RADIUS server send back the proper REPLYATTR string to set a bandwidth limit. I'm not sure what FreeRADIUS uses for that, but it should be documented somewhere. Search the forum a bit, I know there are others out there using that feature.

  • From the and captive portals index.php file it looks like the following should work (Nomadix attributes):

    [Vendor = 3309  (Nomadix)]
    ATTRIBUTE      Nomadix-Bw-Up
    ATTRIBUTE      Nomadix-Bw-Down

    Imagine you would add these to your radius radreply table, e.g.
    insert into radgroupreply (groupname, attribute, op, value) values (“slowspeed”, “Nomadix-Bw-Down”, “:=”, “1024″);

    not 100% sure on this though - would be good for someone to confirm this.

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