Rules being disappearing while entering!

  • To create a "Default deny" I am trying to add quite a few rules to allow specific ports (17).

    It seems to be loosing rules that I previously entered!

    For a long time I did not "Apply Changes", then all of a sudden a bunch (4 or 5?) were missing.

    I thought that perhaps I should have "Applied Changes" more often (Although I had delayed this in the past when doing only 2 or 3 without problem).

    So I started to add them one at a time.
    … Add one, Apply Changes.  Good.
    ... Add a second, Apply Changes.  Good.
    ... Add a third... The first two are gone and the new third is there!

    I presently have 10 rules.  I am not sure how many the most I had were, but at one point (above) it DID drop by several rules at one time.

    Does anyone know about this?

  • Never heard of or seen anything like that. If you have some kind of caching extension on your browser that pre-loads links on the page, that could delete your rules as it would load the delete link. Applying changes has nothing to do with saving the configuration, it's saved when you click Save, applying only updates the running ruleset, it doesn't touch the config.

  • There have been a few posts of people having this problem with pfsense, so I know that I am not alone.

    I heard some noises that I interpret as the disk retrying, and on occasion recalibrating.  I have not used this disk in quite some time.  I am assuming that it is going bad.  Its twin has died.

    I have re-installed with a "believed good" disk.  Various parts of the installation that took forever with lots of seeking with the original disk went MUCH faster, so that reinforces my "retry" theory.

    We shall see.  Thank you for responding.


  • Oh, if you have a bad drive that is causing your config to be corrupted, that will be detected and the last good backup will be restored. I could definitely see that scenario occurring with a dying drive, or a disk controller problem, or bad cable, or any number of hardware problems. My comments were assuming the hardware is solid.

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