Battlefield Bad Company 2 doesn't work on pfSense - does with other routers

  • Hi,

    Me and my friend are trying to play BF: BC2 behind the same pfSense box. Haven't had problems with other games since we disabled Automatic outbound rule generation.

    We are able to play on two different servers at the same time. However - when we try to join the same server, one of us gets connection lost to the game server.

    Plugging in my old, otherwise foul, Netgear WGR614v6, it works instantly with default settings . Same on D-Link DIR-655.

    BF BC2 opens up UDP port 10000 via uPNP. With other routers, it's clearly able to open not just port 10000 for one computer, but two different ports so we can play simultaneously on the same server. Clearly, pfSense is doing something different with the uPNP opening.

    There is no functioning way to tell BFBC2 to use different ports for our two machines. Steam, EA and various forum posters recommend using the variable +clientport 270XX but that doesn't have any effect.

    I am running the 1.2.2 RELEASE version. Would there be any benefit in upgrading to 1.2.3 or even 2.0 beta?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    I really, really want to keep using pfSense and not have to use some proprietary, unsexy home router. Thank you all.

  • If you look at the status page of upnp:
    Do the two clients actually map different ports?
    Because if the second one requests the same port that the first client you might run into some problems.
    Are you sure that there is no way to configure a different outbound port?

    Can you do a TCP dump when connecting with the second client to see which ports are used?

  • Thanks for your suggestions.

    However I grabbed the opportunity to try out the new 2.0 beta and now it all works!  :)

  • I had the same problem, did a reset to the default settings and then it worked again. Unfortunately I am not sure what setting screwed things up the first time.

  • in situations like this or similar (this is based on what I know and work experience as well as personal issues I have had in the past so not all info may apply in this case) but most likely the UPnP and DHCP (if not configured correctly) can cause conflicts, also depending on the system (Xbox 360, PC, ect) if they don't support certain settings that are needed on UPnP and the DHCP isn't either set up to have UPnP compatibility or isn't able to support it, possible issues could result.

  • I had the same problem with Bad Company 2. At first I thought it was all the connection issues they had after launch but then I narrowed it down to pfsense. It has to do with outbound NAT and static port. If I have static port turned on it will rarely if ever connect to a server. It's a pain to have to turn it off for just one game. I need it on to connect to other games such as (ironically) BF:1943 on PS3.

    I'm running v1.2.3 release. Glad it's fixed in 2.0 beta. May have to give that a try.

  • so I guess you got the issue resolved or no?

  • Yes, by going to Firewall>Nat>Outbound>Manual outbound rule generation and disabling "static port" on the rule I created there.  I had to create a static port rule to fix other NAT issues I had with BF:1943(PS3), Men of War and also my son's Nintendo DS not connecting to his friend's game.

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