Mac address filtering

  • Hi noob here trying to find out how to use mac filtering in pfsense. I have looked through the forum and I have found several threads talking about mac filtering for the wireless. I don't have a wireless router on my network. I have also found one thread talking about how it can be done in the back end. There was no link to the thread.

    I want to be able to use mac filtering for a computer that I will use to remotely log in with. I want to block all external traffic except for 1 admin computer.

    If someone could be so kind as to give some instructions (or to link to existing instructions) on how I may set this up I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advanced for your responses,


  • Do you mean that you want to filter remote systems by MAC addresses?  If that is what you mean, it is impossible.  You cannot know the MAC addresses of remote systems over the internet, only systems that do not go through another router before the traffic reaches your router.

  • The usage of MAC addresses belong to the lower levels in the ISO OSI ("L2"). Your MAC is only used and seen on the local net/broad cast domain. When you pass a router the MAC is gone in the eyes of the receiver, sort of.

    (I see now that Efonne basically wrote the exact same thing :) )

    See here for some more info:

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