Vmware pfsense installed and ethx problems

  • Hi,

    I have downloaded  and installed using vmware server. Pfsense runs perfect. Server has 3 nics. I added all of them bridged to pfsense at vmware server.

    Lan nic runs perfect at pfsense because I can ping to lan machines but I can not ping to internet machines.

    I´d like to post photos about config.. but how?

    What is wrong at my config?

    Best regards

  • are you saying that the LAN nNIC on your [Windows/Linux] host cannot ping the internet?

    if that is the case, make sure you have the gateway on that interface pointed at your pfSense IP.

    also why do you have all 3 NIC's bridged to VMware? you only need 2 at most for basic WAN/LAN setup.

    if your server is not running its data over all 3 NICs, i would recommend disabling all protocols except vmware protocol on the NIC's you are using for vmware and disabling vmware protocol on the server LAN NIC.

    please post a diagram of logical network layout if this post doesnt help.

  • I have 4 adapters in my server (Vista ultimate 64) with 2 bonded to VMWARE.  How do I make sure that I am not putting my workstation out on the internet.  I am really new with VMWARE.  Now Zen Server is a different manner all togethor.

    My end goal is to have 2 tied to pfsense and one to other VM's, and the last one to the internal network.  I have other serivces that I feed from this machine back out to the internet or accross VPN's that are no longer working correctly.

  • the below directions are for VMware Server. if you use player then these directions will be pretty much useless and takes a bit more work to figure it out.

    for the 3 NIC's for VMs (2 for pfsense and 1 for others), go into the properties for those interfaces and disable all protocols except for "vmware bridging protocol". this will make sure that the windows host wont actually be able to use that NIC for its own use. only vmware will be able to utilize it at that point. Windows wont do anything with raw traffic unless it is running a protocol to handle it, therefore you can Internet face one of those NICs and nothing bad can happen directly since it wont know what to do with it.

    make sure to static bond the NICs to virtual nics that are easy to remember, ie VMNET3 for virtual machines, VMNET4 for pfsense LAN, VMNET6 for pfsense WAN.

    this set up will have your "other" VMs go out their dedicated NIC and back in the pfsense LAN NIC to get to the internet. your workstation would technically go out and back in its own LAN connection to get to internet. you could use internal VMware network adapter if you want to run internally from workstation straight to pfsense and not hit the physical network, but that would take adding an OPT interface to pfsense and removing default gateway from Windows LAN connection.

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