Having acces to a single website when not authenticated to captive portal ?

  • Hi

    I'm setting PFsense in a hotel…

    There is a lot of other hotel around mine and they all offer $$$ wifi... Our is free so people around our hotel will try to connect on it...

    I want people from outside the hotel to be able to browse our hotel website WITHOUT being authenticated on the captive portal...

    Let say our hotel's website is efg.com, I want that web site to be open to anyone and I'll put a link on our connect page so people from outside will be able to log on efg.com without having the username/password of the captive portal.

    I tried to put the ip of our website in the Allow list but it's not working... idk why...

    can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong ? Would the squidguard package help me acheive that ?

    Sorry for the bad english and thanks a lot

  • All you have to do is put the web server's IP in the IP bypass list. Make sure whatever client you're using is using the firewall's IP on that interface for its DNS, if that's not working it's probably because DNS isn't working.

  • Also be sure you are using "To" in the direction field rather than "From"

  • Thanks cmb

    My problem was that my DNS wasn't the one of PFSENSE

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