Hidden rules and programming alias expansion

  • I remember there used to be (I think) a way to show the hidden rules - yes we can always cat the rules.debug file, but I thought I remembered a way to edit the hidden rules when you had to?

    Was that phased out or moved?

    Then there is alias expansion… I want to modify an auto-created rule to use an alias instead of capturing ALL traffic.

    What I think I see happening is that if I create an alias (hosts) it is placed in the rules.debug, but not expanded to a table unless I add a rule that references it IN THE GUI.

    This means that I can't simply change a the package to correct the firewall issue.

    Can anyone give me some guidance?

    In my specific case I add an alias, which is recorded:
    BB_SIPROXD = "{ }"
    however the table entry:
    table <bb_siproxd>{....
    DOES NOT get created unless I add a dummy rule in the firewall.

    What I wanted to do was simply patch the line in siproxd.inc

    -$rules .= "rdr on {$iface} proto udp from any to !($iface) port {$port} -> port {$port}\n";
    +$rules .= "rdr on {$iface} proto udp from <bb_siproxd> to !($iface) port {$port} -> port {$port}\n";</bb_siproxd>

    However I would imagine I need to somehow cause the alias to be expanded to the table?


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