Inactive forwarded ports show "Closed" not "Stealth"… Why?

  • Hi,

    I've got several ports forwarded through NAT with corresponding firewall rules.  The port forwards work well enough, but my concern is that when the application in question is shut off, the port shows up as closed instead of stealth when scanned from the WAN.  Is this normal?  With past hardware based firewalls, the reverse is true… ports show up as stealth instead of closed.

    For example, I've got port 113 (Ident) forwarded for IRC.  Ideally I'd like 113 to show up as stealthed when scanned from the WAN when its not in use, but instead, it shows up as closed.

    Is there an additional rule I need to add for this functionality, or is it just the default behaviour of the firewall?

    Thanks in advance!

    -- Phob

  • Determined that the problem was due to a software firewall glitch on the workstation, not the fault of pfSense.


    – Phob