Firewall IDrive configuration help!

  • This is not something that I do often so excuse my ignorance,  I am trying to set up a program called IDrive on my server to do server backups daily.  It is not allowing the program to connect because of the firewall.  What IDrive says I need to do is:

    Configure your firewall with the below mentioned settings:

    IP addresses and Port numbers: and 11905 and 11650


    Possible IP/Port Range for future use: and 11900-11990

    How do you do this when running a PFSense firewall?  Any help is appreciated, like I said I rarely do this type of thing, and certainly not using PFSense interface.  Thanks!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's sort of vague what that is talking about. That may just be for configuring an outbound connection from your server, in which case that would be done on the firewall software there if there even are any outbound restrictions. If you don't have the default rule to allow all traffic outbound, you will need to add entries allowing traffic from your server to those IPs on those ports. (most people have the default allow all outbound rule and thus would not need to do that step)

    On the outside chance that they are talking about inbound connections coming from those IPs, you can do that too. First you'd have to setup a port forward for those two ports to your internal server, and check the box to automatically add the firewall rule. Next, go to your WAN firewall rules and edit the rules that were put there automatically and enter the IP addresses into the 'source address' box.

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