Help Configuring VMWARE appliance

  • I finaly got fed up and decided to start running VMWARE because i can run XenServer for the time being.  I the appliance up and running and can connect  to it on the internal network no problem.  I am going to have 3 nics in my vista 64 bit workstation later today.  I am planning on dedicating 2 to pfsense.

    My plan is to rebuild my pfsense firewall and get rid of the netgear router that I am using right now.  I never use VM-ware and it's proving a little challeging.  Can anyone point me in the right direction with the network set up?  I have really missed running pf-sense,  it's a great product.


  • I finally got it working.  It really fast.  The only thing I am having problems with so far is getting my vonage to connect.

    So I am trying to figure it out now.  Any thougths?

  • I think it's all working.  I plugged my DSL and into my managed switch.  Then I connected all my connections into that VLAN.  So the VMWARE is machine is working.

    My VM detect a cryoto key on the system board.  How can I see if the driver for the cryptokey is working.  I have got one VPN tunnel up and running rules are in place and seems to working great.

    Any thoughs?

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