Issue Accessing Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Hi, I am having pfsense in between my local area network and my other network which are both on the same subnet. This LAN network is

    I got both of this network connected using a wireless bridge and after the bridge it is the pfsense box. This pfsense box is running as the gateway for my local area network

    All my users are complaining for unable to access their email from Microsoft Exchange at network Where I had created a new rule to allow LAN to network any protocol any port.

    I don't know why my user cannot access their mailboxes, some of them able to access for a minute but the got disconnected.

    But when I use my other network gateway which is, and their DNS, all works.

  • can you ping the server from the clients. if yes then it might be an issue with the port on the mail server.

    either way you should create a rule from LAN dirrectly to the mail server ip for any port and try the app again. being sure to ipconfig/flushdns on test client and routes on pfs box too for good measure.

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