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  • Hello, I want to implement the captive portal on a wired network that has wireless router to function as wireless switch. Now for customers who are connected by these router, do so through Dhcp of pfSense, there are a range of ip's reserved for those customers within the range of the LAN. If I want only go by all these customers captive portal wireless but not wired network users, should use the function "Allowed IP addresses" with option "from" of  captive portal for addresses that represent it wired LAN users? This function I solve this problem? In the case of having to add 200 addresses, there is some way to add by range?
    I have not the possibility of using VLAN because the switch are old, so use this scheme. The portal authentication is done with Windows Server 2003. I use 1.2.3-RELEASE

    ADSL_______>PFSENSE______>LAN_____ROUTER–-Wireless Clients
                                              Wired Clients

    PD: Sorry for my English. Thanks

  • Let me see if I understand you…

    You can use captiveportal w/ authentication using RADIUS on Windows 2003 (Active Directory, right?) only for wireless users that will have a different ip address from than LAN range.

    If was is it, it's very simple, you can add an OPT Interface to the pfsense and configure a Ip Address through the same range on Wireless users, afterwards configure captive portal to listen just on OPT interface, soon your LAN range bypass normally whitout configure All ip address.

    In pfsense 2.0 captive portal will be better, but while this isn't happens do it if is possible.

    Anything post it again.


    Heitor Lessa
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  • I have reserved my first 50 addresses for my range of wireless user, e.g  are reserved  for DHCP Server, and of to for wiring user, this are static addresses. I have not the ability to add another PCI card to my pfSense. I want my wireless users go to Internet by the captive portal and the rest do not pass through the portal. Greetings and thanks for responding

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