Monitoring quality (roundtrip) with SNMP

  • In addition to SNMP monitoring of inbound & outbound traffic (kbps) of my pfSense, is it possible to also do SNMP monitoring of pfsense's "Quality", I mean the roundtrip times? (As in the RRD graphs -> Quality.) I tried to look at the MIB listings, but didn't find anything really…

    Some background: I'm running MRTG at home, and it's collecting data from a pfSense 1.2.2 firewall/router at a remote site. It took a while to get MRTG/SNMP/pfSense working though: I had to...

    1. Enable SNMP on pfSense
    2. Create a firewall rule for allowing UDP/port 161 on WAN
    3. Add a NAT rule: port 161 gets NATted from WAN PUBLIC IP to pfSense's LAN IP:
    4. Check the "Bind to LAN interface only" option in "Services:SNMP" page
      Without carrying out the steps 3 & 4, I was only able to see MRTG results by running MRTG on a machine in the LAN.

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