USB Wireless Card

  • OK, I know there's an HCL and all, but I'd really like to find out from users with real world experience what USB wireless adapters work well with pfSense. The box I'm using only had two PCI slots, so with the built-in port I have enough for the WAN, LAN, and DMZ but want to add WLAN as a separate network with Internet access only. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Per the wiki document

    FreeBSD 6.1's USB stack can be less than stellar somtimes. FreeBSD 6.2 should be better. We really do not recommend using USB nics but your mileage may vary. If you see a message similar too "kernel: ural0: at uhub4 port 3 (addr 3) disconnected" your NIC/platform is affected.

    I would get a multi port nic for the one pci slot and a wireless card for the other.

  • I'm not surprised as my only problems thus far have been with a USB keyboard :) Unfortunately I can only use half height cards in this case, and I haven't found any dual ports that would fit. If that kind of error simply kills the wireless, I can live with it being a little flakey since it's just for Internet connectivity in conference rooms. As long as it doesn't kill the firewall completely.

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