Routing issue with redmine?

  • I got an email yesterday about an update to an issue relating to the state purging bug (issue 8).  I hit reply and went about my business.  I just check my mailq and saw the outbound message has been queued since May 1st at 11:31AM, EST.  The mailer is unable to deliver the mail to ( due to some sort of routing problem.  I have tried from 4 different sites, so it doesn't seem to be at my end.

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    I have never tried to reply to a ticket by e-mail. I don't know that it's even setup for that.

    Have you done that before?

  • Hmmm, good point, I think that may have been "auto-pilot" on my part :)  Then again, it doesn't really seem right to have a sender email address from an unreachable host - more typically, you get a "do not reply to this message" tag somewhere in the email and replying will bounce.  I purged the offending message from my postfix queue.

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    There does seem to be something up with redmine though, I can't even reach the site.

  • There is no email to, you have to reply via web.

    rails is being a @$#&^ and we're currently in the process of moving redmine to a different server (though email will still not function).

  • or is it just me having problems with my network?

    // Assar

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    We've been having a lot of trouble with it this week.

    The problem is that, despite having a robots.txt that disallows crawling of the repository via redmine, several spiders (baidu, twiceler, and Yahoo) were crawling the repository and causing ruby/git to spin forever trying to pull all sorts of information.

    I hope to have just cleared it up by blocking those specific spiders but if more come along I'll have to block them as I see them.

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