Slow web responce with 2 nics

  • I'm getting a weird issue. I have a windoze PC with 2 NICs in it connecting to different networks on one pfs box. one network is the stanard connection to the internet and the opt1 is used for local. when both NICs are enabled i get a serious delay in web bound requests. but once the request is returned the site loads at normal speeds. when i disable the local nic the internet responds normaly.

    I have two groups of aliases setup up to allow communitcation between the lan and opt1 networks to spefic pcs.



    • DHCP


    • DHCP - 192.168.1.x
    • Rules
    • LAN2LANi * LANi2LAN * *         
      *  LAN net * LANi net * * 
      *  LAN net * ! LANi net * *

    LANi [[b]OPT1]

    • DHCP - 192.168.50.x
    • Rules
      *  LANi2LAN  *  LAN2LANi  *  *

    If anyone have any insight or details plz help

  • This sounds like a DNS issue (timeout).
    Are you sure that on the windows box your primary DNS is reachable?

  • After some futher investigating I can see the trafic outbound from LAN address to LANi being blocked. so i guess the request is resent correctly. I was told to try config my doze box's routes in cmd. but in my thinking that is a last case.

    I also realised that i had forwarded unrestriced network devices(router as a switch & AP), instead of specific ports, on the LAN to the LANi so i could access the their WebUI's from my LANi. I'm not sure if that would cause an issue but it is now forwarded properly.

    I have the DNS Forwoder is enabled, aswell as Register DHCP Static Mappings/Leases and Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN. I believe the DNS is setup on… ok so after an ipconfig/all I can see the Windows IP Configuration is not recieving a Primary DNS Suffix.

    Could the solution be to install TinyDNS and set it up as a recursive cache?

  • bump!

    still having this issue. has anyone else had this issue?

  • Disable that the dns can be overridden by DHCP and set it static as

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