Multiple Login Page for captive portal (2 language = 2 pages)

  • Hi

    I'm setting pfsense in a hotel and I need to have 2 different login page for 2 different language.

    The first one that will load will always be in french and the user will have to click on a link to go to the english page.

    the french one is uploaded on the server from the http://pfsenseserver/services_captiveportal.php page and the english one is loaded from the file manager.

    The link from the french one to the english one is this : ¸


    when I click on the link, everything work and the url in my browser is now pfsenseserver:8000/captiveportal-indexenglish.php?redirurl=

    now when I enter the username and password on the english page and I click on Login, instead of logging me in, it reload the french page and I have this in the URL$PORTAL_REDIRURL$

    i tried to ssh the file without the captiveportal- prefix to see if it was going to work but it's still not working..

    I also noticed that when my mouse icon is on the login button on the french page, I have written on the bottom bar of IE but on the english page it's $PORTAL_ACTION$. my guess is that the php server doesn't send variable to my second (english) page. Is there a way to fix that ?
    Can someone help me out ?

    thanks in advance


  • your link to the english one need to be without redirurl=$PORTAL_REDIRURL$ because like this it will process like any other page.
    redirurl=$PORTAL_REDIRURL$" need to be on each page separately in the login form. If u need i have already setup a login page with style.css for better look

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    I'm not too shure if I understand corectly what you are saying…

    You say that the link from my french page to my english page should be like that ?
    [It's written at the bottom of the file manager. Ill give it a try later tonight...

    I already have my login pages but thanks for the offer...](captiveportal-indexenglish.php>English</a><br /><br />Then why does it say that I can call other php pages with this link ?? <a href=)

  • I tried it like you said and it's not working.

    I'm on version 1.0.1 tho so i'll try to upgrade to the last one and try again

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