Authentication page very slow

  • Hello,

    I have PFSense v1.2.3, on vmware ESX, we use it as university captive portal . I've just changed from m0n0wall to pfsense.
    The main problem is the time to have authentication page which take 20-30s to show in browser (test with IE, Firefox or Safari).

    Have you encountered this problem before ? How can I resolve it ?
    Thanks for your answer.

  • maybee there's a link in your authentication page that is linked to nothing so IE look for it till he time out, then load the page…

    That's just a rought guess, never had that problem b4 with pfsense

  • According to what you say, i've tested with a minimal page (just the form) and the result is the same … about 20 - 30s

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